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About Us

Hello Everyone,
Thank you so much for checking out my site and considering M2Accessories for your accessory needs. I'm delighted to serve and to give you the best customer service possible and make you part of the M2Accessories family. As a Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Model, Actor and Singer, I give 100% each day in making those things happen and I will do the same for YOU.  My number one goal is to ensure that you have what you need, and for you to feel at home in hopes of making you apart of the M2Accessories family!
Martins Men's Accessories (M2Accessories) was birth from my own experience shopping. Everywhere that I went, whether it be the mall or major department stores for accessories that I needed, I found myself either
1) having to look for someone to help me 
2) I couldn't find what I needed.
I then realized as I walked through the major department stores and malls, that women had accessory stores just for them! Which rose the question, "Why can't men have a accessory store just geared toward us!?" We like to shop too, right? How amazing that would be go to one store, for all my accessory needs!!  That's where M2Accessories came to life and I envisioned it to be a new man cave location. The new fashion man cave that is; making it a one stop shop having all your accessory needs, right at your fingertips! 
I hope you like what you see and look forward to serving you!
Yours Truly,
Willie Martin
CEO and Founder.